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Several years ago I heard a story about this little old lady who went into the local hardware store looking to buy a small heater to keep the chill from her living room. A salesman greeted her at the front door and she told him what she was looking for. He said, “You are lucky. We have a sale on our heaters this week” and then he led her to the sales display to show her the various styles and models. After about 30 minutes of detailed explanation about the various features and advantages of each one, he asked her if she had any questions. She said, “Yes, just one. Will one of these things keep a poor little old lady warm?”
The benefits of the product and not the features is what most of us are looking for when it comes to spending our hard-earned money. Along these lines, I get several offers each week from companies, manufacturers, ad agencies and others wanting me to tell my readers about their unique product. Some are very good, but I am very selective in what I pass along to you, as your time is too valuable to waste. However, if I can tell you about a great product that will save you time and money, and provide a real service, I am certainly not averse to letting you know about it.
Such is the case with a new product that I learned about recently that I could have used several times over the years. This product is called PaintSmart-Trayz, and the idea is a combination paint tray and paint bucket all in one. If you do any painting at all around your house, you know the feeling. You are up on a ladder with a brush in one hand and a roller in the other. Your bucket is balanced on the top step and the phone rings. What do you put down and where do you put it? Or perhaps you’re at the peak of a roof and balancing it all and a paint brush slips out of your hand and falls to the ground. At this point you have to carry everything down the ladder to get the brush, clean it and start all over. You may have even said to yourself, “There has to be a better way.”
Well, there is, and this is why PaintSmart-Trayz was invented. It is easy to carry. It hangs conveniently on the side of your ladder to keep your hands free to safely paint (or answer the phone.) And this neat product also helps to keep your workplace neat and tidy. It gives you a place to hang the roller while you are using the brush, and vice versa. One of the most intriguing aspects of PaintSmart-Trayz is that it can hang either vertically on an extension ladder or hang horizontally on a step ladder. It is easily portable, thanks to a large carrying handle making transport up and down a ladder very simple. The uniquely designed reservoir has high sides and holds up to two quarts of paint to keep refill trips to a minimum.
The PaintSmart-Trayz also sports handy hooks for brushes and slots for paint rollers, allowing paint to flow back into the tray preventing spills and drips. A clever twist cap drain spout, made of strong plastic so it won’t rust like the old metal trays, allows painters to easily pour excess paint back into the can. One of the greatest benefits for you, the painter, is that it saves countless trips up and down the ladder.
PaintSmart-Trayz is produced by Keane Corp. in Lake Worth, Fla., which is another way of saying “Made in America.” To learn more, e-mail info@PaintSmart-Trayz or visit their web site: www.PaintSmart-Trayz.com.
You know, time is all we have and we should strive to work a little smarter, as well as harder.
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