No. 782



Are you familiar with the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere? On April 18, 1775, silversmith Paul Revere set out on horseback on a journey from his small wooden home in Boston’s North End that would make him a legend in American history. On this fateful night he set out to warn his fellow Patriots that the British were coming. Most Americans know the rest of the story.
What followed was the Revolutionary War, where we won our independence, another word for freedom, from England, our mother country. This was to be followed by two World Wars to preserve our freedom and other conflicts for various reasons, including the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Today, the land that has come to be known as the United States of America is at a crossroads yet again. We face an enemy far greater, because of the sheer numbers, than the British ever were and because of an ideology that is committed to ruling the world.
Of course I am talking about the Islamic extremists, who have already attacked us physically, here at home and abroad. We are spending a great deal of our nation’s resources to try to prevent them from doing it again – just book an airplane flight if you want to see evidence of this.
We hear on the news all the time that the vast majority of Muslims are peace loving, and I would like to believe that. However, based on what is happening in many other countries where Muslims have immigrated in large numbers, these peace-loving Muslims will also be victims of the extremists or terrorists, to call them what they are.
Because of the fertility rate factor, in time, the Muslims can take over our country, and the rest of the world, without ever having to fire a shot. Research has proven that in a 25-year cycle, the fertility rate must be at least 2.11 to sustain the culture. For example, if two sets of parents have one child each and these children become parents and have one child, if that trend continues the population rate slowly decreases to a point there is no growth in the population.
Here is the fertility rate for some countries in the European Union: France 1.8, England 1.6, Germany 1.3 and Spain 1.1. In England, where the fertility rate is 1.6, the population rate is not declining. Why? Because of immigration, and the vast majority of immigrants who come to England are Muslim. All you have to do is follow the news if you want to know what is happening in our mother country. The same thing is seen in France and other countries where Muslims are making even greater strides in achieving their ultimate goal to someday rule the world.
They not only want to rule the world and have Islam as the only religion, but also to have everyone live under Shiria Law. Today the population of the United States is 0.6 percent Muslim, but they have a fertility rate of over twice that of Western countries, so you can see what will happen in 30 to 40 years.
What is so ironic about this scenario is that the first thing Muslims holler when they immigrate to the United States is “Religious Freedom.” They had no religious freedom in any of the countries where they came from.
In my view this is America’s biggest loophole. A loophole is something we use to get around the rules or the law. We are a nation of immigrants but, up until now, they have all come to the United States and assimilated into our culture and were proud to be called Americans. Where is Paul Revere when we really need him?
(EDITOR'S NOTE: Jim Davidson is a public speaker and syndicated columnist. You may contact him at 2 Bentley Drive, Conway, AR 72034. To begin a bookcase literacy project visit You won’t go wrong helping a needy child.)