No. 1291



As the old saying goes, “Houston, we have a problem,” and that problem is that every day, Socialism becomes more and more popular among young Americans. You would not think so much about this were it not for the fact that if this trend continues there will be a future day when they will take over our country and the system of Capitalism and Free Enterprise will be replaced with Socialism. You may say, “What’s wrong with that?” Well, if you don’t know, I am delighted that you are reading this column.
First, here are three reasons why Socialism is gaining in popularity. Think for a moment about our recent national election and the footing that Sen. Bernie Sanders gained with young Americans, if you want proof of this. 1. Socialism is being marketed to young people as kind, selfless and community focused. 2. Many people are unaware of Socialism’s dismal record. 3. Young people are not being taught America’s founding principles, so they are unprepared to combat the narratives they hear in their schools and colleges.
To give some credibility to what I am saying, here is a quote by Winston Churchill that should truly give all of us something to think about: He said “Socialism is philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Wow, wish I had said that. And if that is not enough, please allow me to give you a definition of these two systems that millions of people live under.
Socialism: “A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution and exchange is owned and regulated by the community as a whole.”
Capitalism and Free Enterprise: “Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production, and the motivation for their operation is to earn a profit. Free Enterprise is the system that produces goods and services to meet the needs of consumers. This system implies a level playing field in which all producers enjoy the same rights and privileges and competition and the law of supply and demand determines success.” I might add that this is the system that has given America the highest standard of living in the history of the world.
A hundred years ago, at the dawn of the Russian Revolution, one could be a Socialist and hope in good faith that it could achieve, or at least advance, its utopian aspirations. We did not have the data to prove otherwise. Now we do. Today as we look at the histories of countries like the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela we can see that Socialism has left nothing but disaster in its wake. Every single time it has been tried, it has failed. It reduces citizens’ well-being and ensures mass poverty.
Thanks to the Heritage Foundation, here are nine reasons why Socialism will morally bankrupt America. 1. Socialism directly opposes the American dream. 2. Politicians in power make your most important decisions for you. 3. Freedom of choice is severely limited or eliminated. 4. All under socialism will suffer equally. 5. If everyone owns the resources, nobody truly owns them. 6. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is morally wrong. 7. Power is consolidated within the government. 8. Socialism creates dissent and stifles freedom of speech. 9. Socialism creates dependence instead of freedom. Let’s just make sure our young people understand this.
(Editor’s Note: Jim Davidson is an author, public speaker, syndicated columnist and Founder of the Bookcase for Every Child project. Since its inception in 1995, Jim’s column has been self-syndicated to over 375 newspapers in 35 states making it one of the most successful in the history of American journalism.)