No. 325

How would you like to live in a world of chance? Many years ago someone wrote a children’s book entitled, “The Chance World.” It told of a world in which everything happened by chance. The sun may come up in the morning or it may not. But if it did come up, no one could predict if it would come up at 5 O’clock, at noon, or at midnight. If one planted a field of corn, it may come up as corn, it may come up as wheat, or it may come up as pickles, rose bushes or even apple trees. If one jumped into the air, he may come down or he may keep on going. One could not tell in advance what would happen.
So, again here is the same question: How would you like to live in a world of chance? Well, aren’t we thankful we don’t have to? We live in a world where there are absolutes. Each night on TV the weatherman tells us exactly what time the sun is coming up the next morning. We may not be able to see it for the clouds, but we know it’s there. Now, based on what I’ve just said, how many people do you suppose plan their lives and their futures on chance, circumstances or luck?
Here is some really GOOD NEWS and if you happen to be one of these people, I’m going to share some thoughts that I hope you will ponder. This could make a wonderful difference in your future. When it comes to our personal success, regardless of what our goals happen to be, there are some areas of knowledge we have to know and in a sense have this knowledge become second nature. That is, if we want to live closer to our true potential and maximize the talents and abilities that God has given us.
One of these areas of knowledge has to do with “natural laws.” Based on my personal observation, it’s my belief that many people do not truly understand natural laws and how they work, at least not fully. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge keeps these people at the bottom of the economic and social pyramid and believe me it does not have to be this way. It’s my hope and prayer that while reading this column, as well as others, that a light will come on in your mind and you or someone dear to you will say, “eureka! I’ve found it”, and you will begin to live life more fully and have more of the rewards that can be yours.
A natural law has been defined as “A series of events in nature that has been observed to occur with unvarying uniformity.” In other words, if the circumstances are exactly the same in all respects, then the outcome or result will always be the same. For example, if you step or fall off a tall building you will always go down. You will never go up. It’s the same with all other natural laws, they always work whether we understand or know about them or not. Here is the point I hope you won’t miss. If you operate or perform on the right side of all natural laws, they will always work for you. If you operate or perform on the wrong side, they will always work against you. It’s complicated but yet very simple.
The misuse or misunderstanding of the natural “LAW OF CHANCE” keeps far too many people from achieving real financial success. I might add here, being in debt for an extended period of time creates stress and other serious problems for millions of people in our country. The English biographer and philosopher Sir Leslie Stehpen said that “chance is a name for our ignorance.” This is a pretty strong statement but it is never-the-less true, as many people took a foolish chance, physically and financially and left us far too soon.
Here is the key to using this law to your advantage. When you take a chance with your hard earned money, make sure the odds are in your favor. This is not the case with the lottery, the casinos, sports gambling or the race track. The wise person understands that making an investment is far better than taking a gamble. (Jim Davidson is a motivational speaker and syndicated columnist. You may contact him at 2 Bentley Drive, Conway, AR 72034.)