No. 1088



Back in 2003, I revised my book of columns titled, “Learning, Earning & Giving Back.” I called it the “New Revised Edition” and it focused on our literacy project. My goal was to have a book we could make available to each person who attended our Bookcase Literacy fund-raising banquets and ask them to help us build awareness for the tremendous problem of illiteracy in our nation.
Most people do not know that 42 million adults in America cannot read at the 5th grade level. Obviously, this is a terrible burden for these people, and by extension for our country. One of the chapters in this new revised edition, beginning with page 169, is titled, “America Must Remain Free.” The reason is very simple. Unless we remain free as a people, all the literacy, reading and education in the world will not help us to achieve success if we are not free to carry out our hopes, dreams and plans.
In my humble opinion, the greatest threat we face in these days is radical Islamic terrorism. The horrific terrorism acts we have experienced in this regard, both here in our nation and worldwide, is much worse than when I wrote the book back in 2003. As my title states, “It is time for a reality check.”
I guess the saddest thing for me is to realize that millions of Americans do not care or do not think that our nation could go under. This is because these people are uneducated, feel disenfranchised or still have their loyalty to another country. The argument that I hear all the time is that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists, and this is true. However, should ISIS and other terrorists groups succeed -- God forbid -- as a general rule we know that blood is thicker than water.
In case you have never thought about this, here is the definition of terrorism: “The unlawful use of – or threatened use of – force or violence against individuals or property to coerce or intimidate governments or societies, often to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.” This definition is according to the U.S. Department of Defense.
The terrorists’ plan is both long and short term. The short term is just to strike fear into the hearts of the American people by executing horrific acts that we hear or read about. The long term is to use their greater fertility rate -- more than double countries in Europe and also America -- to infiltrate us and then out-vote us at the ballot box. We know what it is like now and can imagine what it will be like by 2050 if the trend continues. I hope you understand that I am not an alarmist and I believe in and love America more than life itself, but I am concerned about the future of my children and grandchildren.
I also hope you understand that what I am saying is not political but rather it is survival. As a people, we had better take special care that our leaders and immigration policy makers we elect or appoint in the future understand what is at stake. Freedom is a precious thing and really the only thing, other than the blessings of Almighty God, that has given us the best quality of life and the highest standard of living in the history of the human race.
As I said earlier, it is time for a reality check. My prayer is that this column will inform more of our people about the real and present dangers we face and will begin to have the kind of resolve that our forefathers had when this nation was founded.
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